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E. H. Lain Cider Mill
Edwin and Bertha Lain established E.H. Lain Cider mill in 1964. The first press was purchased a few miles away from William Durea's widow. The talk around the wood stove, at E.H. Lain's Garage, amongst the self-proclaimed hard cider connoisseurs, led to the same question since "Bill's" death. Where can we get our apples squeezed? Not wanting to miss an opportunity (if you want something, go get it before someone else does) Eddie, as his friends and associates called him, along with Paul Vanderhoef went to see Widow Durea, coming home ready to pour concrete and build a "shed" for the press.

The crew from around the wood stove, many friends and relatives flocked to the new site for the press. The Cat (a 1936 RD6 Caterpillar bulldozer) was started, a chore because it was ran only for a short time every few years, and the ground along side the old chicken coop was groomed and readied for the new construction. Almost everyone involved in the project had full time day jobs so the work was done nights and weekends. After finishing work at their ‘day jobs’ all those who could congregated at the work site and helped or at least commented on the proceeding.

The concrete was mixed in a homemade cement mixer, built by Lawrence Smith (a nephew); stone was moved with a 1948 Ford F-l pick up and hand labor. Bear in mind all these gentlemen grew up in the Great Depression era so they would never spend any money on a project unless it was absolutely necessary. Each involved would donate any time, ideas or materials they had which was most thankfully received. Eddie's wife, Bertha ~ also known as "Mother" would provide baked goodies and Kool-Aid to those in attendance.

Most of the families involved had a representative present at the Durea Farm the weekend the press and most of the building that contained it were picked up. A 1950 Ford F-5 wrecker (whose wrecker boom was built with materials available) with a truck frame added to the boom to make a crane to loaded the press onto a 1950 Chevy flat bed dump. What a sight! Men, old trucks and a press built in 1902 ready to travel the approximate eight miles to its new "Home".

Within two weeks of purchase the old press had a new home and a new life style. A small concrete pad for the press to rest on in a shed, attached to the cleaned old chicken coop, with a rough oak plank floor, a line shaft and pulleys from Strait Milling Company feed mill in Canisteo to transfer power from the 1938 W-C Allis Chalmers tractor with flat belts, it was ready to operate.

Through the years many customers would come to see the improvements performed between seasons and inspect the "inventions" making the work at the mill easier. Many of the friends and relatives here for the project 59 years ago are no longer with us except in fond memories. The mill still remains quaint but has evolved, with much tender loving care and hours of hard labor, to a state inspected facility.

Lain's Cider Mill is still operated by Lain family descendents. Opening the last weekend in September and closing the day before Thanksgiving.


OPEN 7 Days a Week 9am-7pm

Custom Pressing 1pm-7pm

At the mill we sell apple cider, apples, barrels, wine making supplies, homemade pies, baked goods, cookies, fudge, jellies and jams and we have gift baskets upon request. We press customer's apples, supply recipes for hard cider, allow visitors to be part of the process and we enjoy the opportunity to visit us for a spell with our new friends.

Thank you Eddie and Mother (Edwin Hall Lain and Bertha Louise Totten Lain) for your fine family business and strong work ethics.


Mom and dad taught us the value of hard work and taking care of people's needs. And that's a big part of why


We don’t just take customer service seriously…

We take it personally!








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