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Lain's Cider Mill

6226 Lain Road

Canisteo, NY 14823

Phone: 607-324-1349


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We're open for the 2015 season!


For over 35 years you have come to recognize the Lain family name for quality products from our Cider Mill on Lain Road.


Our quaint mill is a fascinating family attraction enjoyed for generations. Located in the heart of Western New York State in Canisteo, New York ~ the mill has become a seasonal attraction.


Sample a wide variety of tasty treats in the pressing room featuring old-fashioned  donuts, cider fried cakes, apple pie, farm-fresh apples and ~ of course ~ Lain's fresh sweet apple cider. Relax by the mill pond, feed the swans and bring your camera. We offer custom pressing of your apples and we press cider daily at the mill and we look forward to seeing you!


Whiskey Barrel $190.00   Corks $0.20 2.00/doz
6 gallon carboy $39.00   bar tops $0.20 2.00/doz
5 gallon carboy $36.00        
3 gallon carboy $29.00   Hard Cider Refills    
1 gallon jug $3.50   50 gallon barrel $280.00  
      14 gallon demi jon $98.00  
Stoppers     6 gallon carboy $42.00  
8+ $2.00   5 gallon carboy $35.00  
5-7 1/2 $1.50   3 gallon carboy $21.00  
1-4 1/2 $1.00   1 gallon $9.00  
with- f-tube     3 litre $7.00  
8+ $3.00        
5-7 1/2 $2.50   Hard cider kit    
1-4 1/2 $2.00   50 gallon barrel $480.00  
f-tube $1.00   6 gallon carboy $81.00  
yeast $0.50   5 gallon carboy $71.00  
hydrometer $8.50   3 gallon carboy $50.00  
vino meter $4.95   1 gallon $12.00  
Cork Top     Cider    
Bottles     gallon cider $5.50  
1 gallon $3.00   1/2 gallon cider $3.00  
750 ml $1.00 11.00/doz pint cider $1.50  
375 ml $1.00 11.00/doz      
      Pressing/gal $0.85  
Plastic jugs          
gallons $0.65   Donuts    
1/2 gallons $0.48   dozen $5.50  
pints $0.35   1/2 dozen $3.00  
Vinegar     Apples    
gallon $13.00   Bushel $14.00  
750ml $5.00   1/2 Bushel $8.00  
375ml $3.50   Peck $5.00  
      1/2 peck $3.00  



Sweet Apple Cider


OPEN 7 days a week 9am-8pm

Custom Pressing 1pm-7pm




Click here to see some Fun Photos from the Cider Mill.


Call today: 607-324-1349


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People in the Canisteo area and abroad have enjoyed Lain's Cider for years. Our apple cider is:


100% Natural


and you can bring your own apples to be pressed.


Call Ahead Tours


For years children of all ages have been coming to our cider mill to see how Lain's Apple Cider is made. Call ahead this fall to make arrangements for your family or group to visit our mill and watch us press Lain's fresh apple cider.


We don’t just take customer service seriously…

We take it personally!









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